January 14, 2017

Compact A Range "Unlimited Manufacture"

When we say unlimited manufacture we really mean it. Our new Range is deigned to work below the bottom of the machines. This means that the machine could sit on any surface and be moved around. 

So if it can sit on and surface an move that means a A4 machine with a working area of 300x200mm can successfully engrave a full 8x4 sheet seamlessly. 

So how is this possible?

Because the machine can be clamped to the top of the job and moved around we can break our drawing down into lots of A4 sized section. We can then pitch the machine across after it completes each one of these sections and start the next until we complete the full sheet. 

The other key feature with this machine is the bottom of the machine marks the top of the Z axis travel. This means you can fit a product of any size under the machine.

The standard A range has a maximum clearance of 300mm. But when you add a tool in the thickness of material that can be processed is less. In the new range this is not the case. 

So we have a machine that can work on material of any size in all the x, y and z planes. But what else can it do?

So as we bring our machines into 2017 we are making them cross compatible. This means not only can you use it just for routing with the standard spindle but you can also add the plasma head, Laser head and even a 3D printer head. 

This means one highly accurate machine which has an infinite working area and can work in 4 different ways. 

So when we say unlimited manufacture we truly mean it.

Keep following our blog and Facebook page for updates on the project and a release date.

January 11, 2017

What happens when you buy a machine.

This is the process that our customers receive when they buy a World of CNC Machine

For this we will be talking about the above pictured machine which was delivered Tuesday in Bristol.

We had a call from some people interested in a machine for their furniture manufacturing business. They had a few questions about the process so we arranged for them to visit our factory in North Devon.

During the visit we talk about your requirements and base a demo about your needs. We go through the process of using V Carve pro 8.5 to design a product. When then turn this product into a tool path for the machine to read.

When they are happy they understand the software we then goto the machine and set up and run the file that we have just designed.

Once an order is placed it can take between 3-6 weeks to build and deliver. The customer in this case ordered a Desktop 8x4 meaning that they have to build their own base.

We turned up at the customer location at 07.30 on Tuesday morning. The first thing we do is check the flatness of the base to ensure it is ok before we build the machine onto.

We then fit the rails and gantry to the base and connect everything together. This process takes around 2 hours

We then test and calibrate the machine to ensure that it moves the correct distance. Once we are happy and have signed the machine off we then invite the customer back to learn how the machines works.

We first go through the software showing all the features that it can do, then we base it around your requirements. Once you are happy you know how to use the design software when then teach you how to move the machine and set its zero position.

The last thing we do is run a programme so you understand the full sequence. This is then the opportunity to ask any questions.

Once you are happy we inform you of any maintenance that is required. Once we leave your site you will then be in a position to start machining straight away. This entire process takes between 3-5 hours.

January 09, 2017

CNC Plasma 8x4 and 10x5

World of CNC are proud to announce the arrival of our 8x4 and 10x5 CNC Plasma cutters in 2017.

Over the past few years we have been working with various customers to develop plasma cutting CNC Machines that are more affordable than any thing currently on the market. 

We will be offering three different solutions in two different sizes.

Base kit - This is everything apart from the plasma cutter which the customer is to supply to us

Desktop Kit - A fully working machine supplied with Plasma cutter requires the customer to build there own table.

Free standing - This is a turn key solution including frame work and plasma cutter.


As always all of our machines will be delivered and assembled and set up onsite. We will then train you on how to use the design software, create the programmes and setting up and cutting with the machine. 


Even more exciting we are going to offer the ability to have a machine that is not only plasma cutter but is an interchangeable CNC Router. This will have quick change over of the tooling to go from plasma cutting sheet metals to being able to cut and carve on woods, plastics and metals.

If you would like you would like more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The pictures below show a 8x4 Plasma kit with customer supplied Plasma cutter and Frame.

January 09, 2017

Rotary Axis

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Recently we have had a lot of customers enquiring about 4th axis work and everyone says the same thing,

"Its going to be very complicated"

If that was what you were thinking that you couldn't be more wrong! Below is a video that shows how we import a model and turn that into the code that our 8x4 CNC Machine requires to operate. 

So lets take a look at that video on our Facebook page.


Here are the images of the finished head.


April 07, 2016

USB CNC Controller

World of CNC: We can now offer a USB Controller supplied with all our "A" range of CNC Machines, the Controller is manufactured here in our UK Factory

The images show a complete CNC solution, this is supplied with every "A" range CNC Machine.

A1: 900 x 600mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A2: 600 x 400mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A3: 500 x 300mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A4: 330 x 220mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
Gantry clearance: 155mm

The "A" range of machines are all Ballscrew driven with Linear profile rails..
Ballscrews: R1605 Class 5 light preload (not Chinese) assembled into angular contact bearing blocks
Linear Rails: 15mm, light preload.
Controller: 3 Axis USB, 4 axis is in development
USB Notebook
Software: VCarve
Spindle: Kress, with a clear brushed cover (fixing by magnets) x3 collets: 3, 6 and 8mm, we can offer more sizes.
Sample cutting and engraving tools, grease, and collet spanner.

Warranty: 1 year, parts and labour

Shipping / Delivery
UK: We deliver personally, and offer 3 hours training
Europe Machines are supplied assembled in a wooden crate on a pallet, or we can offer to deliver personally and teach!


Next post: we offer a laser as a bolt on, assembled into the Kress 43mm euro neck mount!