April 07, 2016

USB CNC Controller

World of CNC: We can now offer a USB Controller supplied with all our "A" range of CNC Machines, the Controller is manufactured here in our UK Factory

The images show a complete CNC solution, this is supplied with every "A" range CNC Machine.

A1: 900 x 600mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A2: 600 x 400mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A3: 500 x 300mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
A4: 330 x 220mm working area, Z Stroke 155mm
Gantry clearance: 155mm

The "A" range of machines are all Ballscrew driven with Linear profile rails..
Ballscrews: R1605 Class 5 light preload (not Chinese) assembled into angular contact bearing blocks
Linear Rails: 15mm, light preload.
Controller: 3 Axis USB, 4 axis is in development
USB Notebook
Software: VCarve
Spindle: Kress, with a clear brushed cover (fixing by magnets) x3 collets: 3, 6 and 8mm, we can offer more sizes.
Sample cutting and engraving tools, grease, and collet spanner.

Warranty: 1 year, parts and labour

Shipping / Delivery
UK: We deliver personally, and offer 3 hours training
Europe Machines are supplied assembled in a wooden crate on a pallet, or we can offer to deliver personally and teach!


Next post: we offer a laser as a bolt on, assembled into the Kress 43mm euro neck mount!


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