January 09, 2017

CNC Plasma 8x4 and 10x5

World of CNC are proud to announce the arrival of our 8x4 and 10x5 CNC Plasma cutters in 2017.

Over the past few years we have been working with various customers to develop plasma cutting CNC Machines that are more affordable than any thing currently on the market. 

We will be offering three different solutions in two different sizes.

Base kit - This is everything apart from the plasma cutter which the customer is to supply to us

Desktop Kit - A fully working machine supplied with Plasma cutter requires the customer to build there own table.

Free standing - This is a turn key solution including frame work and plasma cutter.


As always all of our machines will be delivered and assembled and set up onsite. We will then train you on how to use the design software, create the programmes and setting up and cutting with the machine. 


Even more exciting we are going to offer the ability to have a machine that is not only plasma cutter but is an interchangeable CNC Router. This will have quick change over of the tooling to go from plasma cutting sheet metals to being able to cut and carve on woods, plastics and metals.

If you would like you would like more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The pictures below show a 8x4 Plasma kit with customer supplied Plasma cutter and Frame.

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