January 14, 2017

Compact A Range "Unlimited Manufacture"

When we say unlimited manufacture we really mean it. Our new Range is deigned to work below the bottom of the machines. This means that the machine could sit on any surface and be moved around. 

So if it can sit on and surface an move that means a A4 machine with a working area of 300x200mm can successfully engrave a full 8x4 sheet seamlessly. 

So how is this possible?

Because the machine can be clamped to the top of the job and moved around we can break our drawing down into lots of A4 sized section. We can then pitch the machine across after it completes each one of these sections and start the next until we complete the full sheet. 

The other key feature with this machine is the bottom of the machine marks the top of the Z axis travel. This means you can fit a product of any size under the machine.

The standard A range has a maximum clearance of 300mm. But when you add a tool in the thickness of material that can be processed is less. In the new range this is not the case. 

So we have a machine that can work on material of any size in all the x, y and z planes. But what else can it do?

So as we bring our machines into 2017 we are making them cross compatible. This means not only can you use it just for routing with the standard spindle but you can also add the plasma head, Laser head and even a 3D printer head. 

This means one highly accurate machine which has an infinite working area and can work in 4 different ways. 

So when we say unlimited manufacture we truly mean it.

Keep following our blog and Facebook page for updates on the project and a release date.


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