January 11, 2017

What happens when you buy a machine.

This is the process that our customers receive when they buy a World of CNC Machine

For this we will be talking about the above pictured machine which was delivered Tuesday in Bristol.

We had a call from some people interested in a machine for their furniture manufacturing business. They had a few questions about the process so we arranged for them to visit our factory in North Devon.

During the visit we talk about your requirements and base a demo about your needs. We go through the process of using V Carve pro 8.5 to design a product. When then turn this product into a tool path for the machine to read.

When they are happy they understand the software we then goto the machine and set up and run the file that we have just designed.

Once an order is placed it can take between 3-6 weeks to build and deliver. The customer in this case ordered a Desktop 8x4 meaning that they have to build their own base.

We turned up at the customer location at 07.30 on Tuesday morning. The first thing we do is check the flatness of the base to ensure it is ok before we build the machine onto.

We then fit the rails and gantry to the base and connect everything together. This process takes around 2 hours

We then test and calibrate the machine to ensure that it moves the correct distance. Once we are happy and have signed the machine off we then invite the customer back to learn how the machines works.

We first go through the software showing all the features that it can do, then we base it around your requirements. Once you are happy you know how to use the design software when then teach you how to move the machine and set its zero position.

The last thing we do is run a programme so you understand the full sequence. This is then the opportunity to ask any questions.

Once you are happy we inform you of any maintenance that is required. Once we leave your site you will then be in a position to start machining straight away. This entire process takes between 3-5 hours.


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