8' x 4' Rack and Pinion Free Standing CNC Router Package

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Working Area:
Y: 2500mm
X: 1250mm
Z: 100mm standard
(220mm without machine bed)  

Length: 3100mm
Width: 1900mm
Height: 1700mm

Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm over 2500mm

Package Includes:

Free Standing Rack and Pinion Machine Assembled
8' x 4' - 2500mm x 1250mm
Z axis 100mm

X and Y axis - rack and pinion
Z axis - ballscrew
Linear: X, Y and Z axis 20mm Hiwin rails and carriages 
Power 240V - 1 socket required (4 way extension lead supplied)

Dedicated CNC workstation, monitor, keyboard and mouse
Software - Mach3 full license preloaded on CNC workstation
Design software - VCarve Pro 8
Electronic Jogging Handwheel

Super SBOX 4 axis CNC controller
X, Y, and A axis - NEMA34 stepper motor with planetary gearbox
Z axis - NEMA 23 stepper motor

Proximity home switch (X, Y and Z)

External emergency stop

3kW air cooled spindle, ER20, max collet 12.7mm (3-4mm, 5-6mm, 7-8mm, 12mm, 1/2 inch)
380V inverter supplied

Bespoke motor mount with brushed dust extractor hood for 38/63mm hose

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 Kitchen Cabinet Interpolation

 22mm Plywood

 Text Engraving


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