CNC Plasma Cutter 8x4 Hypertherme 45

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This machine package has been designed to allow 3 and 4 axis machining, offering 300mm of Z stroke and allowing the production of large diameter products via a 4th axis.

Based on our previous  8’ x 4’ CNC machine design with the addition of:

Plasma and Router interchangeable capabilities. 

Machine Working Area:

Y: 2500mm
X: 1250mm
Z: 90mm standard (when machine is on a flat even bench)
(300mm without machine bed using a custom bench/bed) 

Footprint: Delivered with a aluminium bed frame.

Length: 2900mm
Width: 1900mm
Height: 900mm

Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm over 2500mm 

Package Includes:

2.2Kw Water cooled spindle, Hypertherme PowerMax 45 with machine torch.

Plasma designed to clean cut 12mm with a severance cut to 19mm.

Onsite installation and training.

Desktop Rack and Pinion Machine Assembled

8’ x 4’ – 2500mm x 1250mm,  Z axis 300mm (see above)

X and Y axis - rack and pinion
Z axis - ballscrew 

Linear: X, Y and Z axis 20mm Hiwin rails and carriages

Power 240V – 1 socket required (4 way extension lead supplied)

Dedicated CNC workstation, monitor, keyboard and mouse 
Software – Mach3 full license preloaded on CNC workstation 
Design software – VCarve Pro 8
Electronic Jogging Handwheel

Super SBOX 4 axis CNC controller 
X, Y, and A axis – NEMA34, 7.8 Amp stepper motor with planetary gearbox 
Z axis – NEMA 34 stepper motor 

Proximity home switch (X, Y and Z), additional external emergency stop